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GlobalRT is a movement to turn radiotherapy into a global health priority. As an initiative of the Young Leaders Program of the Global Task Force on Radiotherapy for Cancer Control (GTFRCC), it will provide a virtual platform for education, exchange, and action around the essential nature of radiotherapy for cancer care.

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About cancer

Cancer is a global problem. Of the roughly seven million cancer deaths that occur worldwide, approximately 70% of these are in low and middle-income countries. The majority of 27 million new cancer cases and 17 million cancer deaths that will occur by 2020 will also fall on resource-limited nations.

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Radiotherapy is an essential component of comprehensive cancer care. More than half of all patients with cancer will require radiation as all or part of their treatment, often in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation treats cancer by destroying the genetic material in rapidly growing cancer cells.

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Want to join the movement for access to radiation therapy for cancer patients across the globe? GlobalRT is building a movement to make this happen.

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Welcome to GlobalRT Map! Here you can use our interactive database to learn about our partner organizations, current radiotherapy-related service projects, and research on radiotherapy access.

Radiotherapy for Cancer Control

Often considered overly technical and specialized, radiotherapy or radiation therapy is in fact an essential, irreplaceable element of cancer treatment. Without access to radiation therapy, patients with many types of cancer cannot be cured, while others will have much reduced survival times. Radiotherapy also plays in essential role in pain control and palliation of incurable disease. Thus, radiotherapy is central part of truly equitable access to cancer treatment worldwide.

However, according to International Atomic Energy Agency, of the nearly 14,000 radiotherapy machines worldwide, only 30% are in middle-income countries, while a shocking 3% are in low-income countries. Many countries do not have a single radiotherapy machine, requiring patients to travel great distances for a chance at treatment. Beyond machines, access to trained radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, and personnel essential to the provision of radiotherapy varies widely. As 70% of cancer patients will live in low and middle-income settings by 2020, this disparity in access to machines signals a current and growing disparity in access to cancer care across the globe. A broad, multidisciplinary global health movement is needed to tackle this disparity and bring radiotherapy to the forefront of global health and global cancer care.

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Who We Are

GlobalRT is a community of young leaders who want comprehensive, equitable cancer care for all. Our aim is to energize the cancer and global health communities around advocacy for improved access to cancer therapy. Explore our site to learn how we’re raising awareness about the rising global burden of cancer and the essential nature of radiotherapy in cancer treatment.

Veronica: a Peruvian story of cancer, and health

Meet Veronica, a 34 year old mother in Peru. Veronica is receiving radiation treatment for cancer, a disease that affects people of all walks of life in countries around the world. Get to know the human side of this disease and how technology is helping Veronica fight cancer and resume life with her family.

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