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Medical physics volunteering to help bring modern radiotherapy to Mongolia

In our latest blog post, Australian medical physics trainer volunteer Abdurrahman Ceylan shares his experience of training local staff in National Cancer Centre of Mongolia (NCCM), the only radiation therapy department in Mongolia. His teaching, in addition to that of other volunteer trainers, has helped ensure the successful implementation of 3D conformal radiotherapy following the acquisition of 2 modern linear accelerators at the centre.

World Cancer Leaders Summit

World Cancer Leaders Summit by ‘Lola James’ Oluwafunmiola James, MScPH National Project Manager, Breast Without Spot.    According to an adage in my home Country-Nigeria, ‘even if a child has as many clothes as an adult, he/she can never have as many rags as an adult’. The 2017 World Cancer Leaders Summit for me was […]

The World Cancer Leaders Summit and the UICC 2017 Young Leaders Cohort

Fabio Y Moraes, MD, PhD 2016 UICC Young leader Brazilian Radiation Oncologist Fellow Princess Margaret Cancer Centre University of Toronto In late November, Mexico City hosted the World Cancer Leaders Summit (WCLS), gathering together 350 global leaders from 60 countries. The event featured participation of key decision makers in the cancer control community including The […]

Modernization of Radiation Therapy in Cambodia

Dr. Mora Mel, Radiation Oncology Resident at National Cancer Center (currently placement in the Philippines under IAEA fellowship) Based on IARC’s Globocan 2012 project1, the estimated annual cancer incidence in Cambodia is approximately 14,000 cases. The incidence is predicted to rise rapidly in the future, due to the population and economic growth in the country. […]

An Oasis for Cancer Care

Rising above a community of butcher shops and fruit vendors in old Cairo, flanked by the historic Aqueduct of the Nile, the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) is quite the sight to see. With two enormous mesh structures billowing like sails in the wind, and its blue-green windows that defy the dusty layer of […]

Making a difference in radiotherapy in Myanmar – an Australian volunteer’s account

Our latest blogpost is from Mr Craig Opie, a radiation therapist/dosimetrist educator from Sydney, Australia. He has recently returned from a 6 month posting, where he trained and worked alongside staff at the Yangon General Hospital. Through recounting his experience, Craig explains how a volunteer role can lead to significant benefits for LMIC radiotherapy departments […]


I had the pleasure of working as a radiation therapy technologist (RTT)/dosimetrist mentor in the Radiation Oncology Department at Yangon General Hospital  (YGH), from July to December 2016. The role was organised through Australian Volunteers International. I normally work as an RTT/dosimetrist clinical educator at the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, […]

Expanding radiotherapy access in Ethiopia

Happy new year! We celebrate the new year by sharing GlobalRT’s latest blog post from Dr Biniyam Tefera Deressa, clinical oncologist from Ethiopia. He outlines the challenges facing cancer care in Ethiopia by telling the story of a patient with breast cancer, Abeba. He also tells the remarkable story of the development of Ethiopia’s second […]

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: lessons from University of Gondar Cancer Center, Ethiopia

Dr. Biniyam Tefera Deressa University of Gondar, Ethiopia Email: biniyamtefera.md@gmail.com Two years ago, in January 2015, Dr Daniel Rauch, a Swiss oncologist, and ! were in Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia to evaluate the first cancer patients. Until that day there was no dedicated cancer treatment in the University of Gondar Hospital. Our first patient, Abeba*, came […]