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Expanding radiotherapy access in Ethiopia

Happy new year! We celebrate the new year by sharing GlobalRT’s latest blog post from Dr Biniyam Tefera Deressa, clinical oncologist from Ethiopia. He outlines the challenges facing cancer care in Ethiopia by telling the story of a patient with breast cancer, Abeba. He also tells the remarkable story of the development of Ethiopia’s second […]

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: lessons from University of Gondar Cancer Center, Ethiopia

Dr. Biniyam Tefera Deressa University of Gondar, Ethiopia Email: biniyamtefera.md@gmail.com Two years ago, in January 2015, Dr Daniel Rauch, a Swiss oncologist, and ! were in Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia to evaluate the first cancer patients. Until that day there was no dedicated cancer treatment in the University of Gondar Hospital. Our first patient, Abeba*, came […]

Njeri Mbure, reports on radiotherapy in her home country of Kenya

In the latest series of blog posts, Njeri Mbure, a public relations worker in Boston (now turned global health advocate), reports on the radiotherapy situation in her home country of Kenya. Her article highlights the need for basic infrastructure in several African nations, as the incidence of cancer continues to rise. Read More

Happy New Year!

To kick off 2015, we have Dr. Horia Vulpe, a radiation oncology resident at the University of Toronto, discussing the creation of the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology Global Health Scholarship program. Read More

Matching Interest with Action: Developing Capacity to Support Canadian Radiation Oncology Electives in Global Health

In the last few decades, there has been a growing interest in global health electives – clinical or research experiences that are usually performed abroad –by medical students and residents. In 1978 only 6% of American medical students experienced a global health elective. Last year, this number was 30%. This trend has been similar in […]

GlobalRT has released it’s latest short film!

In less than 2 minutes, we highlight a few of the social consequences of untreated cancer. We hope that after watching the clip, you’ll be able to share it among your friends, family and colleagues in order to raise awareness of this important cause. Kevin Tan, a radiation oncology registrar working in Gippsland, Australia and […]