Expanding radiotherapy access in Ethiopia

Happy new year! We celebrate the new year by sharing GlobalRT’s latest blog post from Dr Biniyam Tefera Deressa, clinical oncologist from Ethiopia. He outlines the challenges facing cancer care in Ethiopia by telling the story of a patient with breast cancer, Abeba. He also tells the remarkable story of the development of Ethiopia’s second cancer centre in Gondar. Lessons from this experience could be applied to other low and middle income countries across the globe.

Read Dr. Deressa’s account :‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ here

GlobalRT website launch!

Welcome to the new Global RT! We’re so excited to finally be launching our site after months of hard work from our amazing team and partners. Take a look around to see all of the new content we’ve added since our beta launch. We’re hoping that you enjoy, learn, and share. There’s still more to come and much to do, so we’d love it if you’d sign up here to receive updates or to get involved.

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Welcome to GlobalRT

Welcome to Global RT! “Global RT” or Global Radiotherapy is work of a group of young leaders who want comprehensive, equitable cancer care for all. Right now, we’re proud to have launched our beta site and to be connecting the global cancer community on Twitter.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see our site and community grow. We’ll be showcasing videos and written interviews from a variety of countries that show the importance of radiotherapy for cancer patients, providers, and communities. We’ll be creating a resources page so that undergraduates, medical students, and residents can connect Global RT to their institutions. And, we’ll be developing new ways to connect the movement for access to radiotherapy for all cancer patients to the field of global health. We hope that you’ll join us. Check back soon for more!